Sunday, March 29, 2015

Into the Dark

The main purpose of Into the Dark is to create rules which are compatible with other old school role-playing games, but which are a better fit for campaigns based on historical cultures and on traditional beliefs about magic and the supernatural.

Into the Dark was designed with the following seven criteria in mind:

1. Characters and other game elements should reflect ancient and medieval societies.
2. Spells and other game elements should reflect traditional beliefs about magic.
3. Low level characters should be moderately capable—neither too weak nor too powerful.
4. Player characters should be moderately customizable, without an elaborate chargen metagame.
5. The rules should be compatible with other old-school RPG’s.
6. The rules should be easy to learn.
7. The rules should be easy to apply during play.

Into the Dark has been greatly informed by many old-school role-playing games, supplements, and blogs. In particular, Daniel Collins’ Book of Spells: 2nd Edition, Original Edition Delta, and his blog Delta’s D&D Hotspot have had a major influence on this game’s rules for spells, attacks, and saving throws. My hat is off to Mr. Collins and the other contributors to the Old School Renaissance.

This blog will also offer content for particular campaigns created for use with Into the Dark, including the Dark Ages Britannia campaign, and the Gothic fantasy Twilight Empire campaign.

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